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     Through 69-year hard work, Chengdu Construction Engineering Group has developed into the most competitive state-owned extra-large comprehensive construction enterprise in central and western regions, ranking among China top 500 companies. In respect of its history, it’s about the development of accumulating accomplishments, the reform for advancing with the times, and also the struggle for progress. In the course of its workers' progress, the brand spirit of “building dreams with ingenuities and making achievements by skills” always runs throughout every step.


      With great aspiration to be a dream builder, “building dreams” is a high-level pursuit and a grand dream that conforms to progress of the times. Chengdu Construction Engineering Group always adheres to the concept of enterprise development keeping face with that of the times, with talents as the first resource and innovation as the first drive for market-oriented operation, refined management, standard implementation, and dreams building. Moreover, we take the initiative to build a dream for the country, and fully implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing. With the direction of “green construction”, we will strengthen the green industry and strive for the Dream of China; with superior craftsmanship, we will build dreams for the city through improvement and excellence as well as housing construction to enhance its quality; bright and faithful, we will build dreams for clients through value creation and brand shaping to achieve win-win development; hardworking and industrious, we will build dreams for our employees through emphasizing on their growth and building a stage of pursuing dreams to meet their longing for a better life.


      With visions of craftsmen, we will create hundreds of billions of dreams, follow the tenet of development and establish a centurial brilliance. As long as we maintain a state of never slacking off and a stance of striving forward, we can constantly ascend to new heights over risks and dangers, and write a new chapter for development in a new era.

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